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      Our History

      2016: Stuff The Bus Expands to All Locations

      2016: Stuff The Bus Expands to All Locations

      Following the enormous success of Trucchi's first Stuff the Bus in Taunton Trucchi's ambitiously began planning to host the event at all locations. The following year with the insight and blessing of Greater Taunton Charitable Association, Trucchi’s replicated the event with the CAN Hunger! food pantry partners at each Trucchi’s store location. The drives were extremely successful for the food pantry partners they benefited in other towns; Abington, Middleboro, West Bridgewater and city of New Bedford. Trucchi’s has continued making the commitment in each year to run the  drives at all locations.



      Since 2016 all Trucchi’s locations have hosted a “Stuff the Truck” or “Stuff the Bus” over TWO weekends, FOUR days and SIX locations. Each event draws on the support of numerous community partners in addition to the pantries themselves and is distinctive of the stores’ “Hometown”.



      2012:  Welcome to Middleboro

      2012: Welcome to Middleboro

      The sixth store replaced a Stop & Shop that had resided in a shopping plaza on West Grove Street for 10 years. The Quincy-based supermarket giant, with more than 375 stores in seven states, didn’t renew its lease in Middleborough and closed the store in July.

      The store was completely gutted and renovated into a 45,000-square-foot space.  It is nearly the same size as the company’s largest on Tremont Street in Taunton, and be slightly different from the rest.

      It houses a small café - a company first - and a branch of the Taunton Federal Credit Union, which was founded in 1947. This was Taunton Federal's first expansion.  The credit union was the first to be included as a payroll deduction option for Trucchi's personnel in 1993.



      1996:  Welcome to New Bedford

      1996: Welcome to New Bedford

      In March of 1996 it was clear that the old Almacs building would house Trucchi's number five. Cleanup and renovations began immediately, and on June 8, 1996, Trucchi's in New Bedford opened it's doors. On September 8, 1996 the Abington store celebrated their re-grand opening. A number of departments and services were added to make Abington a full service store.