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      Our History — 2012

      2012:  Welcome to Middleboro

      2012: Welcome to Middleboro

      The sixth store replaced a Stop & Shop that had resided in a shopping plaza on West Grove Street for 10 years. The Quincy-based supermarket giant, with more than 375 stores in seven states, didn’t renew its lease in Middleborough and closed the store in July.

      The store was completely gutted and renovated into a 45,000-square-foot space.  It is nearly the same size as the company’s largest on Tremont Street in Taunton, and be slightly different from the rest.

      It houses a small café - a company first - and a branch of the Taunton Federal Credit Union, which was founded in 1947. This was Taunton Federal's first expansion.  The credit union was the first to be included as a payroll deduction option for Trucchi's personnel in 1993.