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      Taunton-Tremont Street

      Store Hours
      Monday-Saturday: 7AM-8PM
      Sunday: 7AM-7PM

      (508) 824-5698

      53 Tremont Street, 
      Taunton, MA 02780

      Manny Coelho - Tremont St., Store Manager

      Tremont St., Taunton Store Directory

      Your Hometown Store...

      Tremont Street in Taunton, Massachusetts is the site of the original location opened in 1928. It was the size of a small house and went under the name Hometown Stores. The city of Taunton's first shopping center was created by William M. Trucchi Sr., in 1967. 

      I’m extremely proud of the kids. They do a very good job from Day 1, Tremont Street store manager Manny Coelho said. “They have pretty much done what we’ve asked and have bent over backwards.


      CAN! Hunger Partners

      Our Daily Bread and Taunton Area Community Table Meal Center

      Curbside Pick-Up

      Now Available 

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