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      The Trucchi Family Mission

      In 1928 William M. Trucchi Sr. opened his first store in Taunton, Massachusetts. He was committed to providing his community with quality products at the best prices along with courteous service. His dedication, determination and diligence brought forth an enthusiasm and pride that his family, employees and suppliers admired greatly. These values were the inspiration to continue his legacy. The values that follow signify the commitment to continuing the "Trucchi Family Mission":

      Hometown Pride

      We will never forget where we began and how far we have come. The Trucchi name has become a symbol of pride and heritage, for family and friends. A symbol that has been nurtured through the acceptance of local communities. We will never compromise the welfare of these communities in light of our own success.


      We dedicate ourselves to excellence by providing freshness in all perishables, stocking our shelves with only the finest products, a clean wholesome atmosphere in which to shop, friendly courteous service by competent and polite personnel, truth in our advertising program and guaranteed satisfaction of every purchase.

      Family, Friends and Neighbors

      We value the friendship of customers, employees and suppliers whom we recognize as family, friends, and neighbors. Their loyalty and support is essential to the existence of our company.


      We have a strong commitment to continuing the Trucchi name and heritage within local communities. As an independent company we strive to control our own destiny and be successful in all endeavors, present and future.