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      West Bridgewater

      Store Hours 
      Monday-Saturday: 7AM-8PM
      Sunday: 7AM-7PM

      (508) 583-0822

      53 East Center Street West Bridgewater, MA 02379

      Sean Tighe - West Bridgewater, Store Manager

      West Bridgewater Store Directory

      Discount Food Stores...

      In 1962, a second location, Trucchi's Discount Food Store was opened in the center of West Bridgewater.  Four years later, a large parcel of land was for sale not far from the store.  A new, larger, more modern market was built on the acquired land and now two stores Tremont St. Taunton and West Bridgewater  were appropriately named Trucchi's Supermarkets.  

      Modern Markets...

      The once modern Trucchi's Supermarkets 18,977 square foot structure was replaced in 1998 with a 41,934 square foot full-service market. At no time did Trucchi's close it's doors during construction. Both the construction crew and the Trucchi's crew worked hand and hand to ensure the stores performance was not hindered and customers were serviced.  


      Sean has been a part of the Trucchi's team for 10 years. The Trucchi Family and Co-workers have kept him working here for this long.

      Getting to know the customers helps me to better serve them.

      He enjoys the sense of Community at Trucchi's. We just learned he is a collector of all things Star Wars, he started in 1978.  

      CAN! Hunger Partners

      East Bridgewater Food Pantry & West Bridgewater Food Pantry

      Curbside Pick-Up

      Now Available 

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