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      Return Policy

      We will gladly refund your money if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.  Please return the item and receipt to your local Trucchi's Supermarkets to receive a refund or simply exchange the item. Always retain your receipt as proof of purchase from our establishment. 

      Trucchi’s Supermarkets began allowing returns with receipts dated Friday June 5, 2020, not before.  No returns were issued for groceries or other products purchased during, and for 30 days following the conclusion of the national state of emergency declared on March 10, 2020 through June 5, 2020 in response to COVID-19; All sales were final.


      Check Cashing Policy

      Trucchi's Check Cashing Policy

      1. Personal checks should be made out to the order of Trucchi’s Supermarket.
      2. We will cash two personal checks at the checkout lanes for the exact amount of the order plus, an amount not to exceed $30.00 in cash back in a (7) day period. NOTE: Temporary courtesy cards are good for purchases only; purchases may not exceed $125.00. Only (1) check in a (7) day period will be accepted. The customers’ permanent card will be mailed to them within 3-4 weeks.
      3. We will cash up to two personal checks for cashing in a (7) day period at the courtesy desk in amounts that do not exceed $30.00 each. Cash back at checkout lanes are counted toward limit.
      4. We will cash one payroll or government check per week not to exceed $650.00.
      5. We will not cash two-party checks, non-embossed payroll checks, insurance checks, tax refund checks, or money orders other than *Trucchi’s money orders (*no longer sold).
      6. A Trucchi’s Preferred Customer Card with a current calendar is required for all checks.
      7. We reserve the right to refuse any check.


      To cash personal, payroll and government checks the fee is $1.00.

      We will impose a $20.00 fee for any personal check returned.