The Many Variations of “Ants on a Log”


Don’t get us wrong…The original “Ants on a Log” snack is delicious and definitely a classic. But its always nice to try something different. Perhaps you have never been able to enjoy this tasty treat due to a peanut allergy, or maybe you’re just looking to try something new. The variations of Ants On A Log are pretty much endless. You could really change any of the three ingredients to this simple snack and get pretty complex with the flavors. Turn it into your own special treat.  Alter this well known beloved snack to suit your needs and please your taste buds.

These ideas are for both the little kiddos and the adults to try. You know what you and your family likes. Get as creative as you want with this and have fun!

Ants and Fillers…

If you want to pretty much stick to the old school snack, no problem. Simply swap out the Peanut Butter for Almond Butter. Or the Raisins for Craisins. You will still get a different taste without altering it completely.

For those trying to keep this snack simple, you could just change those “ants” made out of Raisins to Yogurt Covered Raisins…or even some chocolate chips.

Cut up your Celery Stalks into snack size pieces. Fill em up with Willow Tree Chicken Salad or Tuna. Then dice up some Apple to add on top.

Cottage Cheese makes a healthy filler that tastes great too. You can add chopped up fruits or veggies to sprinkle over before devouring this delightful snack.

Cream Cheese is another great option to spread over your Celery. Top it with Sun Dried Tomatoes.AntsOnALogCreamCheeseAndSultanasWP

Stuff your Celery “logs” with Tuna. Top with Dried Cranberries. Yum.

Spread some Hummus over your “log”, then add some Olives on top. A Mediterranean treat that is sure to please your taste buds. Just a note: this variation may look a little more like beetles on a log than ants!

Guacamole and Black Beans? What an amazing twist! When we heard about this we had to try it. It was delicious.

You know, there’s many more insects you can find on a log besides ants. Transform your ants into something much more creepy crawly. Break up some pretzels so you get that curve similar to a worms!

If you’re trying to please a pick eater in your household, here’s a good one. Get rid of those “insects” all together. Slab on the Peanut Butter over your celery stick, then add some Jelly in with it. Simple and sure to put a smile on their face.

The Log…

Who says there are no substitutes for that celery log? If you’re not the biggest fan of Celery, no fret. Try large Pretzel Sticks. Hey, they look pretty close to a log to us.

You could also easily use a Banana sliced lengthwise if you’re looking for an alternative that’s a bit more on the healthy side.

Apple wedges make great logs too. They can be topped with basically any filler you can think of, including whatever it is you decide to use for your “ants”.

Baby Carrots are another great alternative to sticks of Celery. Especially if you’re trying to keep it healthy.

Slices of Bell Pepper or Cucumber cut lengthwise are also great to use for logs. They go especially well with fillers such as Hummus.

If you’re not concerned with dieting, or just feel like giving yourself an extra special treat we’ve got one for you. Bacon. Yep that’s right, Bacon. Cook up as many slices as you want for your “logs”. Then spread some Nutella over each piece. Top it all off with some chopped nuts. You could also try spreading Peanut Butter on top of some of the Bacon and add some chocolate chips on top. We can already hear you counting the calories…this is more of an “Ants On A Log” variation you probably want to stick to eating occasionally!



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