Sleigh Bells Ringing…


Create a Sleigh made simply out of wrapped candy with your kids. Glue a large chocolate bar to the top of two candy canes. Begin to build ontop of the large chocolate bar with smaller candies. We wrapped our Santa’s Sleigh with ribbon and some “jingle bells”.  They also make a great decoration to display on the table for Christmas!

Melt some white chocolate to dip plastic spoons into. Lay down with the back side of the spoon facing up onto a sheet of wax paper to dry. Use some melted milk/dark chocolate to make a snowman face. You can pour the chocolate into a plastic bag and cut the corner with scissors if you don’t have a pastry bag already. Cut a piece of orange candy to make the carrot nose. Place in the fridge to cool down and use them for your hot chocolate!

Take an ordinary lollipop and turn it into Rudolph! We stopped by a craft store and picked up gold pipe cleaners for antlers, small red pom poms for the nose, googly eyes, tiny bells and some ribbon. Unwrap the lollipop and tightly cover with saran wrap. Tie a bow around the base of the pop with the ribbon. Using a little dab of super glue, attach the eyes and nose to the pop to create the face. Lastly, use the pipe cleaners to create the antlers. They’re a great activity to do with the kids and they make fun decorations.

Take your favorite round cookie and dip into melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, quickly dip into a bowl of Baker’s Coconut Flakes. Place on a sheet of wax paper and repeat process two more times. Placing the cookies one right next to the other to form the shape of a snowman. Take two Nestle Chocolate Morsels to place on the top cookie for Frosty’s eyes. Use Cake Mate Gels to decorate him. Dip a square shaped cookie into dark chocolate for the hat.


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